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Leading partner:

oyOpen Youth, Bulgaria

“Open Youth”s aim is to support the formal, the informal and the vocational education of the youth; to use and disseminate the good practice in youth work and to fight the negative social phenomenon in the present society. Regarding the aim of the organization, the members of “Open youth” are working in the areas of various activities as youth exchanges, Anti-AIDS campaigns, road safety, European integration, debates on important themes, roundtables, youth rights protection, voluntary service, seminars, conferences, publications. Through all these the organization is willing to promote the European values between its target groups – the young people, in order to prepare them better for their future role as citizens with more responsibilities towards the society. In its work “Open Youth” regards the principles of independence, democracy, impartiality, equal opportunities, innovation, voluntarism and good making.
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Associated partners:

top25TOP-25, Belgium

The objective of TOP-25 is to help develop national and local road safety volunteer organisations for young drivers around Europe by bringing to them top quality road safety material they would not be financially able to buy themselves or for which buying would be not cost effective. TOP-25 is managed by staff and volunteers of young people, and partner organizations all around EU have major youth involvement.
Within the EU co-funded project ENWA (03/2007 – 10/2010), TOP-25 purchased a driving simulator (defensive driving and courtesy on the road), an Alcokart (drink driving prevention) and Alcovision goggles. Only for 2008-2009 “TOP-25” visited more than 10 European Union Member States, where 71 local actions were organized with a total of 7151 participants. TOP-25 has developed a European-wide network of active youth organizations for disseminating the project results, by its activities all year long, and especially by participating to the European Youth Forum for Road Safety.
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hahaHajdúsági Hallgatókért és Civilekért Egyesület, Hungary

The Association Hajdúsági Hallgatókért és Civilekért Egyesület working since 1996, the earlier name of the organization was Hajdúsági Hallgatói Önkormányzatok Kulturális Egyesülete and changed in 2005. The organization main aims :
• to contact the civil organization in the local and the regional level and international level also,
• To take care the relationship with the partner organizations in the region and the international field.
• Organise  and  sponsor professional sport and cultural events, cultural heritage events for the students who study at the grammar and secondary schools and in the University of Debrecen.
Since the year 2003 The Hungarian Ministry Office gave a chance to develop the organization and to create a Civil Service Center for the Hajdú-Bihar Region. Since the develop our aims to built a good relationship between the administrative organizations, civil society, TELE-houses, European Information Offices , Civil Service Centers.
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l3Stichting Responsible Young Drivers, the Netherlands

The social goal of the Responsible Young Drivers is to promote road safety in young drivers’ mind, by organizing senitizing actions (in schools, nightclubs, events, …) all year long with young volunteers (17 – 29 yo). RYD has a network of volunteers in the Netherlands to organise prevention activities.
Responsible Young Drivers attempt to reach a large audience and we contribute to the development of a social model, based on responsibility in which young people may identify themselves.
Some of our activities :
- Road Safety Days : the volunteers organise a complete day of activities (Alcokart, Alcovision goggles, somersault-car, …).
- School Module : the volunteers go to several schools in order to train and inform young people about responsible driving. For this, an interactive presentation is used which enables young people to better understand different themes of road safety.
- Participation in  European projects like European Night Without Accident.
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